FAQ- Frequently Asked questions

1. Which Schemes are included in the solar power projects under Soura?

Soura is a project aimed at developing solar PV projects aggregating to 1000MW in the State of Kerala as detailed below:

  1. 150MW capacity on the roof top of the buildings of Domestic and agricultural consumers, 100 MW capacity on the roof top of the Government buildings and 250 MW capacity on the roof top of the other category consumers (Non-Domestic and Non-Government) Total 500 MW.
  2. 200 MW from the Solar PV plants of capacity 1 MW and above to be implemented within Kerala, the selection of investors being through transparent reverse bidding.
  3. 100MW from the floating solar projects in the reservoirs/Lakes/water bodies.
  4. 150MW from Solar Park.
  5. 50MW from Canal tops.
2. What are the various financial models of roof top solar projects available to consumers?

Three models of roof top solar projects are planned as part of Soura for achieving 500MW solar capacity addition:

MODEL-1: Kerala State Electricity Board Limited & ANERT will utilize the rooftop and land of willing consumers for installing solar plant. The energy generated will be fed into the grid for a period of 25 years and a fixed percentage of generation will be given as the incentive/lease rent to the premises owner for his own use. His monthly/ bi-monthly electricity bill will be reduced to that extent.

Example: Consider monthly usage of the premises owner as 100 units and the monthly generation from the solar plant installed by KSEBL as 200 units. If the percentage allotted for own consumption of premises owner is 10%, he is entitled to use 20 units (10% of 200) at no charge and his electricity bill will be for 80 units only (100 – 20). In this model premises owner does not incur any cost of solar plant installation.

MODEL – 2: In this model also the consumer does not have to incur any cost of solar plant installation. Instead KSEBL/ANERT will install rooftop or ground mounted plant in consumer premises and the energy generated will be sold to the consumer for 25 years through PPA, as per his requirement at a fixed tariff. The O & M will be done by KSEBL.

Example: Consider the monthly consumption of the consumer as 300 units and the solar generation as 200 units. If the tariff for solar power is fixed as say, Rs. 5 per units, it will remain same for 25 years without any escalation. The monthly bill of the consumer will be = 200 x 5 + 100 x tariff applicable on the date of billing.

MODEL -3: The consumer will be the investor and KSEBL/ANERT will setup the solar plant for the consumer and excess energy if any after the consumption of consumer/ plant owner/ will be fed into KSEB’s grid at predetermined unit rate. If such surplus energy is available, KSEB will pay for such energy at a pre-determined tariff. KSEB can take up maintenance of the plant during the operation period, based on requirement of consumer.

3. Who can avail these schemes?

Models 1, 2 & 3 can be availed by any consumer of KSEBL.

4. Is there any empanelment of Solar Project Developers, integrators etc by KSEBL?

The mode of selection of solar project developer, integrators etc. and their role in the roof top solar program is being finalized. The selection will be through a transparent and fair process of bidding by providing equal opportunity to all willing developer/integrators.

5. How the Solar rooftop projects are going to be implemented?

Please refer Answer to Question No: 2

6. If a consumer is installing a roof top plant whether he can choose the agency of his choice for implementing the same?

No. Under Soura, the implementation agency is Kerala State Electricity Board Limited.

7. What will be the approximate cost of installing 1 KW roof top solar plant?

Rs.45,000 – 60,000 Per Kwp (Approx.)

8. Is there any subsidy available for rooftop solar projects?

Yes. 30% subsidy will be available to domestic and agriculture consumers. Since the subsidy amount extented by MNRE is limited the same will be on first come first serve basis.

9. How KSEBL will be selecting agencies for implementation of roof top solar project?

Please refer Question No: 4.

10. Can a consumer install a roof top solar plant and sell the power to any other person of his choice? If so what are the formalities to be followed?

Prevailing regulations of KSERC does not allow such sale for small plants. But if the sale quantum of the seller and the Contract Demand of the other party is above 1MW, the sale is allowed and any of the parties can avail open access in KSEB’s network by paying applicable charges.

11. If a consumer has installed a grid tied solar plant and his consumption is muchless than the generation available, can he sell the excess power to a third party other than KSEBL?

Please refer answer to Question No: 10. However the consumer can transfer the excess power to his own premises situated elsewhere if there is excess even after consumption of 500 units at the original premises. If the plant is installed purely for third party sale, the third party will have to avail open access and such open access is available for consumers having usage above 1 MW.

12. What other type of solar projects do KSEBL intend to implement?

Please refer answer to Question No: 1

MNRE has specified that the minimum capacity of solar parks developed by entrepreneurs will be 100 MW, the only anomaly being hilly states and states with shortage of agricultural land where 50 MW solar parks are allowed. If the entrepreneur cannot complete the approved solar park within 18 months of in-principle approval, the approval will be cancelled. Only in case of unforeseen circumstances, will an extension be provided.

13. How much area is required for installing 1 kW plant?

Approximately 10 Square meter (100 Square feet) shade free area.

14. How much Energy will we get from 1 kW plant?

Approximately 1000 Unit Per Year.

15. Can I use my free Land instead of Roof for installing Solar Plant?

Yes. In Soura Consumer can use their shade free land for installing ground mounted Solar Plant.

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